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Officeworks to be run on renewable energy within five years

Officeworks this week released its ‘Positive Difference Plan’, which outlines the next five years of sustainable practices for the home & office goods retailer.

Between 2020 and 2025, Officeworks will transition to using only renewable power in order to hit net-zero emissions, and will aim to support its team, reduce its environmental impact and source its products in sustainable and responsible ways.

“Our 2025 plan has been integrated throughout our business, demonstrated by the breadth of our commitments,” Officeworks managing director Sarah Hunter said.

“It’s critical to our future success and delivering sustainable growth over the long term. For us, these commitments exist not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because they are good for business.”

To meet its net-zero emissions target, Officeworks will install solar panels on 80 stores in the next few years, and will be exploring other ways to increase its renewable energy usage.

Plus the Restoring Australia Initiative, which has already planted 639,000 trees on behalf of customers, is aiming to reach two million trees to act as a carbon sink, and provide environments for Australia’s endangered wildlife.

Officeworks’ commitment follows it’s 2020 plan, through which it recycled 86 per cent of its waste and achieve FSC certification or 100 per cent recycled paper for 90 per cent of all its paper sold.


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